Snorkel Port Noarlunga Reef to Celebrate Jetty Centenary

Alkaen AUD 39,00 AUD
  • Kesto: 90 Minuutit (noin)
  • Paikka: SA
  • Tuotekoodi: EMSPNST

Join EMS on 12th December for a guided snorkel to celebrate 100 years of the Port Noarlunga Jetty and 50 years of protection of the Port Noarlunga Reef.

A three-day celebration is being planned by the Port Noarlunga Business and Tourism Association from 10-12 December to commemorate the jetty’s centenary. The colourful events across the festival, supported by the City of Onkaparinga, will showcase how the community has used the jetty through the decades.

Tall ship STV One and All will anchor at the end of the jetty on 10 December weather-permitting. Its arrival at the celebration represents the change in transportation in the state from sea to road.

Around the town there will be art, photography, film, snorkelling, SCUBA diving, virtual reality, fishing and history classes and exhibitions. Local cafes, restaurants and clubs will host ticketed decade-themed dinners on 11 December, with attendees encouraged to dress in the costume of the era.

This December celebrates the 100th birthday of Adelaide’s most popular dive site, Port Noarlunga Jetty.

A three day celebration, named ‘JettyFest100’, is being run by the Port Noarlunga Business & Tourism Association from 10-12 December to commemorate the jetty’s centenary.

100 SCUBA divers + 100 Snorkelers to celebrate 100 years!

The Scuba Divers Federation of SA and EMS will aim to have 100 scuba divers and 100 snorkelers exploring the jetty and reef on Sunday 12th.  Divers will be entering the water during a window of 3 hours – from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm and up to 100 EMS snorkelers between 10 am to 3.30 pm.

If you are a certified diver with your own equipment you can book your SCUBA dive with SDFSA - more information here

Date:     Sunday 12 December

Time:     Dive between 10am – 1pm
                Register from 9am at SDFSA marquee (under the Norfolk Pines next to the jetty entrance) 

Cost:      $10 (includes commemorative mask tamer and a ticket in the raffle exclusive to the 100 divers)

Book your virtual dive

Cheffy Chelbys Café on Saltfleet Street will be hosting EMS VR Experience of the Great Southern Reef on 11th December. Grab a coffee while the kids enjoy a virtual snorkel with sea lions, port Jackson sharks, seadragons and fiddler rays! – book your tickets here

EMS snorkel events are proudly supported by the Green Adelaide Landscape Board, Sustainable Onkaparinga, Department for Environment and Water, National Parks and Wildlife Service, City of Onkaparinga, Suzanne Elliot Charitable Trust, Department of Social Services and our team of amazing volunteers and staff.

Funding, in-kind support and over 100 volunteer hours per event makes it possible to reduce the price of tickets by up to 80%. EMS is a not-for-profit and all funds raised from ticket sales go to overheads such as dive pro event leaders, insurance, equipment storage and volunteer training.

A short drive from Adelaide, families can enjoy the beach, picnic, and easy reef access, at this captivating site located in the Encounter Marine Park and Port Noarlunga Sanctuary Zone. 

At the jetty stair entry, you’ll be welcomed by large schools of sweep, silver drummer, leather jackets, and zebrafish. As you move along the reef, search for crabs, rays, reef fish, squid (and maybe even a dolphin or seadragon!) Along with the beach entry areas, look for bright orange sea stars, crabs, bream, dusky morwong, rays, and - if you’re lucky - a harmless Port Jackson shark!

Small groups (maximum of 6 people to 1 guide) so you get to enjoy the beach and shallow reef.

Snorkel guides lead the tours and are often accompanied by student or qualified marine biologists.

We Provide a wetsuit, mask (goggles), snorkel, fins (flippers), and an accredited guide.

We have wetsuits from adult 4XL down to child 4.

All wetsuits are washed, and mask/snorkels sterilised between uses with COVID-19 approved chemicals.

Bring your own mask and snorkel if you have them.

Children 5 and over and people of all abilities, who are confident in the water and can swim at least 25 metres can come along.

One adult carer per 2 children under 15, the adult must supervise at all times.

A person living with a disability must be supervised and supported by an adult Carer, we accept companion card. 

EMS can provide an immersive wheelchair, modified wetsuits and extra floatation devices.

If you require extra assistance or have any special requirements, please tell us when booking your ticket. We might call you to make sure we have the right things to support you on the day.

Please get there 30 minutes before your start time, you will have to fill out forms and put on your wetsuit and snorkel gear.

Everyone must wear a wetsuit or safety vest.

Parking and toilets, shaded picnic tables, and outside showers are available

Easy access to the beach, a boat ramp for a kayak or stand up-board. 

Accessible car parking.

EMS snorkel events are proudly supported by the Green Adelaide Landscape Board, Department for Environment and Water, National Parks and Wildlife Service, City of Onkaparinga, Suzanne Elliot Charitable Trust, Department of Social Services and our team of amazing volunteers and staff.

Please save the dates - Sunday 12th and Sunday 19th December

Save both Sunday 12th December and Sunday 19th December in your calendar

Sunday 12th December is the date but if the event is cancelled because of bad weather we will change the date to Sunday Sunday 19th December

If the Sunday 12th December event goes ahead then EMS will run a second snorkel event on Sunday 19th December and anyone who wants to join in can book online but people on the waiting list getting the first option to book tickets for the event.



Are snorkel tours only for children? Or for adults too?

EMS snorkel tours are for all ages, adults, and children from 5 years and up. Children under 15 years will need to be accompanied and supervised in the water by a paying adult. For ages 5-7, no more than one child per adult. For ages 8 and above, no more than 2 children per adult.

What concessions are available?

A concession is defined as a Senior or Australian Health Care Card Holder who holds an Australian Government issued Senior Card, Pension Card, Repatriation Health Card or Veterans Affair card.

A student is defined as any primary or secondary school student or full time tertiary and post-secondary students who have an approved photo ID. 

Companion Card is accepted.

Are warm wetsuits and snorkel gear provided?

Yes, we supply warm wetsuits with boots as well as snorkel gear. You can bring your own.

Will I be cold?

We use wetsuits that keep you snug and warm. If you feel the cold let us know when booking and we can bring extra body liners and hooded vests.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

Yes, wetsuits will help you float, protect you from stingers, sunburn, and cuts. If you can’t wear a wetsuit then a vest will be provided.

Can I bring my own wetsuit and snorkel gear?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your own gear. Make sure it is full length and will keep you warm.

Can I wear a weight belt?

EMS does not provide a weight belt.

You can bring your own weight belt If you have a dive certification. Your snorkel leader will need to see the certification and have you sign a form stating that you will wear your own weight belt.

A weight belt cannot be more than 10% of your body weight or make you negatively buoyant.

How deep do you go? How far out?

We stay close (usually within 10-15m) to the reef and jetty at a maximum depth of 6m.

I have never snorkelled before and can’t swim well can I join a tour?

No, but you could sign up for an EMS Snorkel 101 class - an introduction to snorkelling where you are taught in a controlled pool environment. Book via our website.

What is money for my ticket used for?

EMS is a not-for-profit, so all ticket money pays for staff, dive professionals, insurance, equipment storage and volunteer expenses such as training and travel subsidy.

Funding, in-kind support and hundreds of volunteer hours makes it possible to reduce the price of event tickets by up to 60%.

Where do I meet to take part in the tour?

EMS Snorkel leaders will have a registration table set up near the jetty entrance - look for the EMS trailer, marquee tent and banner.


COVID-19: Advice for snorkel tour participants

In response to COVID-19, we listen to Government advice.

EMS always uses well maintained and suitable equipment

The water we swim in contains a large number of microbes, so our equipment is cleaned and sanitised after every use.

Standard Operating Procedures Manual

all equipment is sanitised after each use.

  masks and snorkels are submerged for 15 minutes in a solution of Milton’s Antibacterial Solution (Milton™ contains sodium hypochlorite and is used by hospitals and government agencies to kill COVID-19).

-  Masks are treated with detergent or commercial de-fog spray before use.

-   Hoods are treated with commercial germicidal disinfectant Mediclean™ (effective against COVID-19) and rinsed before being air-dried and stored. 


 EMS   safety provisions have been increased due to COVID 19

-   Increased our already strong equipment cleaning and sanitation measures.

-    a hand sanitation station at the registration desk and gear fitting areas.

-    health and hygiene practices, including sending volunteers and staff home who are unwell and instructing anyone who is unwell  to stay home i

-   staff and volunteers will not have physical contact when greeting colleagues and participants.

-  changed our cancellation/refund policy to prevent attendants who are unwell with cold/flu-like symptoms from attending

We kindly ask anyone who feels unwell to stay home and to stay up to date via the Australian Government Coronavirus Health Information Line: 1800 020 080 and SA COVID-19 updates website

Thank you for keeping our community healthy and for your understanding during this challenging time.