Citizen Science - Sea Slugs of Green Adelaide Region – A Free Online Talk with Janine Baker - 7th October

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  • Varaktighet: 55 Minuter (cirka)
  • Plats: Adelaide
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Join Marine Janine for a Zoom / Facebook Live webcast on the weird and wonderful nudibranchs and sea slugs that live along the metropolitan Adelaide coastline. The presentation discusses the biology, habitats, adaptations and species richness of local sea slugs. This event includes some tips about how to how to find and photograph sea slugs along the metro coast, and how to upload your images to the citizen science portal iNaturalist. Your images can contribute to research on biodiversity and species distribution of sea slugs in the metro area, and in South Australia more widely.  Though the iNaturalist portal, you can also interact with other citizen scientists, and learn more about the biodiversity of SA’s coastal reefs. The online presentation will be followed by a live presentation in the 13th October on the slugs and snails of metropolitan waters, and a rock pool walk and reef snorkel on the 15th October, where you can practice your “slug hunt” skills.

Nudibranchs and other sea slugs are a diverse group of small, bizarre marine animals. Globally, they appeal to divers and snorkelers, rock pool ramblers, marine photographers and artists due to the amazing variety of colour, form, pattern, size and lifestyle. Our waters support an incredible array of beautiful sea slugs from southern Australia, the Indo-Pacific and other regions, plus endemic slugs that have not been found anywhere else except South Australia. 

Janine Baker (Marine Janine) is a marine ecologist, educator, and citizen science project manager who has worked in the South Australian marine environment for more than 30 years. Janine is currently writing a free guide to the sea slugs of South Australia, illustrated with images by South Australian divers and marine photographers. Janine is founder and manager of the Neville Coleman Memorial Nudibranch Event, a citizen science dive and snorkel event that has been running each summer in SA since 2015.     

This talk is made possible with support of Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries, and is also part of a 2021-22 Green Adelaide grant to J.L. Baker, Marine Ecologist & Educator.