Nature-based Solutions: Oyster Restoration in South Australia – A Free Online Talk with Marine Ecologists, Lachie McLeod and Erin Pichler - 7pm on 26th October

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  • Duration: 55 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Adelaide
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South Australia has suffered significant declines in many coastal ecosystems. The degradation of these ecosystems has resulted in loss of habitat and reduced system health. Nature based solutions can be used to re-establish ecosystems and recover the socio-ecological benefits they provide. What are nature based solutions and how are they being implemented in SA to combat the current environmental issues we face? Marine Ecologists, Lachie McLeod and Erin Pichler from the University of Adelaide share their experience and research with marine restoration in SA, specifically the recovery of native oyster habitat.

This talk is made possible with the support of Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries, The University of Adelaide Fab Five Team, and Green Adelaide.

About the presenters

Erin is a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide. Her PhD research focuses on how human impacts shape coastal systems, from rewilding local coastal ecosystems to climate change in New Zealand. She is particularly interested in how local communities can engage with restoration efforts to produce multi-generational solutions to current environmental concerns. Her work investigates the efficacy of small-scale, nature-based solutions to restore degraded habitats.

Lachie is a PhD candidate interested in exploring nature-based solutions to problems facing the marine environment. The recovery of South Australia's lost oyster reefs provides the foundation for his research, with his PhD focusing on how a multi-species approach to restoration can enhance ecosystem resilience and produce self-sustaining, highly functional systems. Oysters, canopy-forming kelp, and seagrasses fall under the arc of this multi-species restoration work, where he’s investigating the potential benefits of species interactions, and techniques to enhance and scale-up restorative methods.

Lachie and Erin are both keen SCUBA divers and have collectively dived over 200 times on South Australia’s three large-scale oyster restorations, as well as other popular locations in Australia and internationally.