Citizen Science - Sea Slugs and Sea Snails of the Green Adelaide Region – Interactive Presentation and Training with Janine Baker - 13th October

From AUD $5.00
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Hallett Cove, South Australia
  • Product code: PYZZJK

Join Marine Janine and guests for a presentation on the weird and wonderful sea slugs and snails that live along the metropolitan Adelaide coastline. The interactive event discusses the biology, habitats, adaptations, and species richness of local sea slugs and snails. Training in a modern citizen science technique is also included - how to find and photograph sea slugs and snails along the metro coast and upload your images to the citizen science portal iNaturalist. Your photos can contribute to research on biodiversity and species distribution of sea slugs and snails in the metro area, and in South Australia more widely. You might even find a rare snail or slug, or an introduced species from another part of the world.

Nudibranchs and other sea slugs are a diverse group of small, bizarre, slow-moving marine animals. Globally, they appeal to divers and snorkelers, rock pool ramblers, marine photographers, and artists due to the amazing variety of colour, form, pattern, size, and lifestyle. Sea snails are the shelled relatives of sea slugs, and live life in the slow lane. They range from predatory snails that drill into oysters, abalone, and worms, to snails that graze on sponges and algae, using a tongue full of tiny, super strong teeth.  Our metropolitan coastal waters support an incredible array of beautiful nudibranchs, other sea slugs, and sea snails.

Program includes:

Presentation with slides and videos on the weird and wonderful sea slugs and snails of coastal reefs in the Green Adelaide metro area. Training includes: 

  • how to find and photograph sea slugs and snails, 
  • how to avoid any hazards whilst searching rock pools and other parts of the intertidal reef, and 
  • how to upload your photos to the citizen science portal iNaturalist, where you can interact with other citizen scientists, contribute to marine research, and learn more about the biodiversity of SA’s coastal reefs. 

Sea Slug Craft Table: materials and guidance provided for making sea slug “fun fact” chatterboxes and sea snail tangrams. There will also be nudibranch colouring in sheets, with coloured pastels and decorations provided.

Virtual Reality: Take a virtual 'dive' off the South Australian coastline using EMS's amazing VR technology. The Great Southern Reef is right at our doorstep, straddling the southern coastline of Australia. It’s an 8000 km long network of individual reefs that thrive, thanks to the healthy abundance of algae - like kelp and other seaweeds. In this virtual ‘dive’ you'll spot Giant Kelp, Golden Kelp, and among it - some of SA's iconic species, like Giant Australian Cuttlefish and Leafy Sea Dragons.

The presentation will be followed by a rock pool walk and reef snorkel on the 15th of October, where you can practice your “slug and snail hunting” skills.

This event is kindly supported by Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries, and part of a 2021-22 Green Adelaide grant to J.L. Baker, Marine Ecologist & Educator.

Location: Cove Civic Centre (the Hallett Cove Library) 1 Ragamuffin Dr, Hallett Cove.